Murphy vs Pawlenty

Nurses know: Erin Murphy is the best candidate to take on Tim Pawlenty this November.

As representative in the Minnesota House, Erin Murphy spent the eight years of the Pawlenty administration working diligently to protect Minnesota from his most damaging policy decisions. When Tim Pawlenty attempted to strip our poorest and sickest Minnesotans of their healthcare (General Assistance Medical Care), Erin Murphy fought back. As the Assistant House Majority Leader and member of the Health and Human Services Finance Committee, Erin Murphy worked tirelessly, organizing Democrats and Republicans alike to save this essential program from Tim Pawlenty’s veto. She fought back and she won. Her leadership prevailed and healthcare for Minnesota’s most vulnerable was saved.

“I remember the fear Pawlenty’s veto of the GAMC caused. Nurses and patients felt Minnesota healthcare systems tightening their belts, and it really affected patient care. I’m so glad Erin Murphy was there to stop him.”
Kava Zabawa, Registered Nurse – St. Croix Valley (pictured with Erin Murphy below)

After Tim Pawlenty left office, then House Majority Leader Erin Murphy led the efforts to clean up the mess he left behind. She was hugely successful:

• Balanced the budget, closing a $6 billion deficit
• Reinvested in our schools, local aid, and higher education
• Increased the number of Minnesotans with health insurance coverage

Erin Murphy didn’t just witness the devastation Tim Pawlenty wreaked on our state, she went head to head with him and won. She led the restoration efforts in his wake. When Erin Murphy stands up to Tim Pawlenty, she doesn’t just point to his failures, she highlights her own successes against him in perfect contrast.

Nurses know Erin Murphy will prevail against Tim Pawlenty in November, because
she’s done it before and she’ll do it again.


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