Erin Murphy is THE Healthcare Candidate

Supporter & Advocate for the Gold Standard: Senator John Marty’s Minnesota Health Plan

Erin Murphy is the only candidate with a clear track record of support for Senator John Marty’s Minnesota Health Plan — the gold standard for Minnesota simpler healthcare system. A co-author of the plan since she first entered the Minnesota House in 2007, Erin Murphy will work to make this plan a reality as governor.

Overview of the Minnesota Health Plan:
• A simple plan that covers everyone!
• No more insurers between you and your provider. You’re covered, period.
• No more “networks”! You’re always “in network”, no matter what.
• Premiums based on ability to pay.
• No more deductibles or co-payments!
• Continuous care for a LIFETIME! No lapse in coverage with the loss of a job.
• Sets the framework for Minnesota to lead the United States to a national single payer system!

Healthcare is a top issue for Minnesotans and we know it helps Democrats win elections. Nurses know we need a strong healthcare candidate to win the governor’s race in November. Erin Murphy is that candidate. As governor, Erin Murphy will work tirelessly to make the Minnesota Health Plan a reality in our state!

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