Primary Election Day is Tuesday, August 14th!

Minnesota Nurses Association has endorsed former Executive Director and Registered Nurse Erin Murphy for Governor! A leader in the Minnesota Legislature, Erin Murphy has a strong track record of standing up for nurse values including guaranteed healthcare for all Minnesotans. Erin Murphy is the leader we need and far and above the best candidate to take on the issues that matter the most to nurses and our patients.

August 14th is Primary Election Day!

We need to show up at the polls to help Erin Murphy jump this next hurdle on her path to becoming the first Nurse Governor in US history. You can vote in person at your polling location on August 14th or early by mail or in person at your local county office. It’s easy and convenient!

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Erin by the Numbers

1984 %

Erin Murphy Receives Her Nursing Degree

2001 %

Erin Murphy Named MNA Executive Director

2007 %

Erin Murphy Elected to MN State House

2012 %

Erin Murphy Elected House Majority Leader

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Erin Murphy Advocates for Nurses and Patients

As a nurse, Murphy faced many of the same issues plaguing the profession today. She understands and has fought to reduce incidents of short staffing. Watch Murphy’s speech on the House floor from the 2016 Minnesota Legislative Session. She shares her story as she offers an amendment to allow Registered Nurses to refuse an unsafe patient assignment without fear of discipline or reprisal.